Case Study: Branding and Launch Strategy of The Nurtuary Pre-School By Mindspan


Often, the simplest of tasks become daunting. Many entrepreneurs find themselves in an overwhelming situation where their brand is struggling to make a mark. This case study explains how Mindspan developed the brand “The Nurtuary Pre-School”.

Challenge:  The Client opened  a franchisee of a reputed brand of pre-school in a new urban development next to Sector 20, Panchkula. Having received no support from the Brand, the client ultimately decided to start their own brand of pre-school in the area. Therefore, Mindspan was approached to develop their new Brand of pre-school and chalk out the launch strategy.

Solution: Having understood the objectives of the Client, first thing was to conceptualize a name that would define the essence of the pre-school. Hence, the name “The Nurtuary” was recommended. “The Nurtuary”, is a fusion of the words Nursery and Nurture. The name signifies the importance of nurturing and caring environments in the development of young minds. Learning initiated at an early stage complemented with a healthy environment definitely promotes growth of the mind and the body and hence the tagline ” Early Learning.Happy Learning”. The logo depicts a caricature of a boy and a girl, clearly positioning the school as co-ed. Its typeface was kept modern and contemporary and the colors used were fresh and vibrant.

The Nurtuary Brochure Showreel_2

The Brochure

The school lays emphasis on the concepts of “Bamboo Theory” and focus on experiential learning. Therefore, all the collateral were designed based on this basic theory.

To increase admission leads, Full page inserts in leading dailies, Magazine ADs and Flyers were used extensively.



Magazine AD

Magazine AD

Mindspan also designed posters for various activities and events conducted in the school and also developed their website.

Kids Carnival Poster

Kids Carnival Poster

A Snapshot Of The Website

A Snapshot Of The Website

Results: Within two years of its opening, The Nurtuary Pre-School was able to establish itself as a well reputed, committed and trustworthy brand. The school’s performance has been par excellence and parents have expressed a complete faith in the school management and its curriculum.


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