Case Study: Branding and Launch Strategy of The Nurtuary Pre-School By Mindspan


Often, the simplest of tasks become daunting. Many entrepreneurs find themselves in an overwhelming situation where their brand is struggling to make a mark. This case study explains how Mindspan developed the brand “The Nurtuary Pre-School”.

Challenge:  The Client opened  a franchisee of a reputed brand of pre-school in a new urban development next to Sector 20, Panchkula. Having received no support from the Brand, the client ultimately decided to start their own brand of pre-school in the area. Therefore, Mindspan was approached to develop their new Brand of pre-school and chalk out the launch strategy.

Solution: Having understood the objectives of the Client, first thing was to conceptualize a name that would define the essence of the pre-school. Hence, the name “The Nurtuary” was recommended. “The Nurtuary”, is a fusion of the words Nursery and Nurture. The name signifies the importance of nurturing and caring environments in the development of young minds. Learning initiated at an early stage complemented with a healthy environment definitely promotes growth of the mind and the body and hence the tagline ” Early Learning.Happy Learning”. The logo depicts a caricature of a boy and a girl, clearly positioning the school as co-ed. Its typeface was kept modern and contemporary and the colors used were fresh and vibrant.

The Nurtuary Brochure Showreel_2

The Brochure

The school lays emphasis on the concepts of “Bamboo Theory” and focus on experiential learning. Therefore, all the collateral were designed based on this basic theory.

To increase admission leads, Full page inserts in leading dailies, Magazine ADs and Flyers were used extensively.



Magazine AD

Magazine AD

Mindspan also designed posters for various activities and events conducted in the school and also developed their website.

Kids Carnival Poster

Kids Carnival Poster

A Snapshot Of The Website

A Snapshot Of The Website

Results: Within two years of its opening, The Nurtuary Pre-School was able to establish itself as a well reputed, committed and trustworthy brand. The school’s performance has been par excellence and parents have expressed a complete faith in the school management and its curriculum.


Axley XO Brandy – Branding, Design & Packaging By Mindspan

Monocarton Design & Branding By Mindspan

Monocarton Design & Branding By Mindspan


Axley XO Brandy is a premium brand of whiskey from the house of Lahag. The branding of the product along with the beautiful packaging and design was undertaken by Mindspan. So, here we would just like to say, “Cheers!”

Ubber- Logo & Brand Development -By Mindspan

Ubber logo


The complete strategy, design and execution for a real estate client which included the name, logo design, color scheme, branding, creative design of marketing collateral and positioning of the brand was undertaken by Mindspan. Ubber was well received in the market and has quickly established itself as a reputable and a trusted brand.

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Creating ‘J90’ by Mindspan

‘J90’ stands for Jade Business Park, located at the posh location of Sector 90, Mohali. A project by the well established real estate developers, Mona Townships, the brand ‘J90’ was created and developed by Mindspan. This new project by Mona Townships consists of a prime business park alongside residences, hotel, courtyard restaurants and more.

To begin with the project was named after the gemstone Jade, as the green Jade stands for trust and good will. It creates abundance and brings harmony and happiness in business. The objective was to position the upcoming business park as a conducive choice for steady expansion in order to achieve success in driving any business towards growth, the properties closely associated with the gemstone and hence the name Jade.

Jade presentation logo

The logo was kept simple and elegant symbolizing ‘Jade’ (The name) and Sector 90 (The location). The tagline, ‘Growth Re Invented’ was created to complement the qualities which Jade is associated with.

Carry  bag

Mindspan further developed the Brochure, Business Stationery, Print ADs, Mugs, Bags and Website for Jade Business Park.


Palm Heights- Branding and Business Stationery By Mindspan

Branding & Logo Design By Mindspan

Branding & Logo Design By Mindspan

Another Successful branding and design concept by team Mindspan for Palm Heights, a real estate project by Ubber group.

 Business Stationery

Business Stationery

Creativity Flows

Naveen, the creative genius at work

Naveen, the creative genius at work


Naveen, is the rock star of our design team. His passion for design is visible through his work. Many a brilliant concepts are executed because of his exceptional ability to create awesomeness from a simple idea or thought.

Tent Card Menu Image of F Bar

F. Bar & Lounge- Tent Card Menus- Design By Mindspan

Tent Card Menu


Valentine’s is always fun and it was definitely fun for us as well. This past Valentine’s our team designed special Tent Card Menus based on a special theme called Love at F. Sight for F. Bar & Lounge Chandigarh. The idea was to invite people to celebrate love at F. Bar & Lounge, Chandigarh. These beautiful Tent Card Menus added to the romance and celebrations.

Logo & Business Stationery- Pillars, Supporting Dreams By Mindspan

Logo Design by Mindspan

Logo Design by Mindspan


Pillars is a NGO in Chandigarh, India, voicing the needs of the underprivileged women and children and helping them realizing their true potential. The logo designed by our creative team thus depicts the vision of the organization, building a stronger community by empowering women and children through various initiatives which support their dreams, be it better jobs, safe environment or access to education.

We also created Business Cards, Envelopes and Letterhead for Pillars.


Pillars Business Stationery

Business Cards, Business Envelopes & Letterhead designed by Mindspan


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Escon Arena-Print Campaign-Design By Mindspan

Escon Arena


Escon Arena‘s recent print campaign carried a message of “stress free environment”.

The half page AD was conceptualized and designed by our team, using a minimalist layout. The AD was a refreshing change from the usual information loaded print ADs for Real Estate projects.

Escon Arena


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It is raining mangoes-Packaging Design By Mindspan

It's Raining Mangoes

Mango Mania Fruit Juice

Hygen Agro is a Punjab based company into manufacturing of fruit juices.

Our team conceptualized the name “Mango Mania”, of the the proposed mango drink and designed the packaging of the product as well.

The drink had to be positioned clearly as a pure mango drink, hence the use of yellow color. The bright packaging lends an immediate identification of the product being a mango drink and also adds a refreshing tinge which catches the eye and promises to quench thirst in this sultry Indian summer season.

So drink it up with Mango Mania.

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Sound Is Religion- Calendar Design By Mindspan

When we heard that we had been asked to design a calendar for Widex, we knew that it would be interesting and a fun project. Widex provides hearing aid solutions and are the world’s largest manufacturers.

The task was simple enough but we wanted to come out with an absolutely captivating and a unique design for Widex India, which would appeal to the Indian audience.

After a few brainstorming sessions, we had a concept and we knew it would work.

Sound Is Religion

sound is religion

Positioning Sound as Religion

India is known for diversity and culture, every region has a different way of life. Even the music and sounds are distinct. Sound plays an important role in different religions as well. Therefore positioning sound as religion we wanted to create a sense of peace, tranquility and soulful vibes. The team did a wonderful job of creating elements of sound by incorporating various instruments played among different cultures and their importance in specific religions.

The Sound of Tabla

The Sound of Tabla


sound is religion

Dungchen-The Dharma Trumpet


The idea was to lay emphasis on sound and the magic of it, which would inspire people to connect with Widex and perhaps consider hearing aids as a solution to improved hearing. The design was appreciated by Widex and their customers. We of course loved to be a part of the design.

Widex Calendar

Widex Calendar




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