Creating ‘J90’ by Mindspan

‘J90’ stands for Jade Business Park, located at the posh location of Sector 90, Mohali. A project by the well established real estate developers, Mona Townships, the brand ‘J90’ was created and developed by Mindspan. This new project by Mona Townships consists of a prime business park alongside residences, hotel, courtyard restaurants and more.

To begin with the project was named after the gemstone Jade, as the green Jade stands for trust and good will. It creates abundance and brings harmony and happiness in business. The objective was to position the upcoming business park as a conducive choice for steady expansion in order to achieve success in driving any business towards growth, the properties closely associated with the gemstone and hence the name Jade.

Jade presentation logo

The logo was kept simple and elegant symbolizing ‘Jade’ (The name) and Sector 90 (The location). The tagline, ‘Growth Re Invented’ was created to complement the qualities which Jade is associated with.

Carry  bag

Mindspan further developed the Brochure, Business Stationery, Print ADs, Mugs, Bags and Website for Jade Business Park.



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