When F. Came To Chandigarh- Marketing Collateral, Brand Positioning & Strategic Promotion- By Mindspan

When the globally renowned Brand F. decided to launch F. Bar & Lounge in Chandigarh, we knew it would change the whole night life scenario of the city. Chandigarh, a small city in the North of India has always been on the laid back side, but in recent years the demographics have shifted to the younger age group looking for more options to dine out, go clubbing and entertain their friends. F. Bar & Lounge promised just that.

The entire design and strategic promotion of the Brand was given to Mindspan, right from the food & drink to other marketing collateral. The Brand was positioned as a fashionable, youthful and a sophisticated hangout.Thus, the design elements complemented the positioning strategy and created a sort of high end value for the brand which got people intrigued and got them to check out the venue.

F bar & Lounge, Chandigarh

Food Menu

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